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CUSTOM INK. GEO SUGAR SKULL Custom Tattoo Design. Upper half sleeve wrapped  This design features a geometric sugar with sunglasses (at the clients request!) Together with deco inspired geometry & roses. The crosses join… Continue reading


FLASH INK | DAY OF THE DEAD Tattoo Flash Design In celebration of the Day of the Dead, All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day, & Halloween. We are offering a free download of our sugar skull… Continue reading


MINDFUL INK.  PAIN & GROWTH   Colouring in art. Size; A3 This design was created for a Professor of Psychology The art is intended to be used by young adults, as a colouring… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK.  SACRED ACANTO Custom Tattoo Design Size; Half sleeve. Upper arm. The design combines sacred geometry, symbolism & nature. It features, a stylised Metatron’s cube, mandalas, platonic solids, rhinoceros scarab beetles, the sun,… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK.  COSMIC WISDOM Custom Tattoo Design Size; full sleeve. The design is inspired by the theme ‘geometric nature’ It features, a stylised great horned owl & crescent moon as the main motif,… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Sustenance

CUSTOM INK. Sustenance Sleeve This culinary sleeve design was created for my lovely client who is a chef It features a range of food stuffs, such as mackerel, Sicilian lemon (seeds, flowers ,… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK. SACRED GROWTH Half sleeve This design features our ‘signature’ mix of organic and geometric elements.   The theme of the sleeve is ‘growth’.   A seed sits at the bottom of… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK FOREST Full back This large piece is inspired by ta love of the forest and nature. The centre of the design contains a mandala, featuring little bugs, pine cones, ginkgo leaves,… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK. STRENGTH 11 CM Height This little design was created with personal symbolism, surrounding strength and rebirth. It features a great white shark , within an icosahedron (platonic solid for water)  … Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Polar mountain

CUSTOM INK. Polar mountain 5 cm This little design is 5 cm wide, so has a small amount of detail. It features a ‘love of nature’ inspired design, combining a ‘deconstructed’ polar bear… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK. ‘WANDERLUST’ H 20 cm This design features a mandala, inspired by a compass rose . Arcs, circles, planets flow and move from it, symbolizing travel. Asymmetric (at the clients request) the… Continue reading


NEW CUSTOM INK ‘RHYTHMS OF LIFE ‘ H 20 cm. This design holds lots of personally symbolic motifs, based around the theme that after the rain comes the sunshine. It features dark water,… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK . Geo Wild rose

NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘Geo Wild rose ‘ 5 CM H This design is features wild roses set around a geometric centre, with diamonds Thanks go out to my fab client! Flower flash   … Continue reading

SYMBOLISM: The Hummingbird.

BLOG NOTE! I have recently started to place all my blogs onto a page within my website It’s not exactly a creative tool … so it may not look like the last posts… Continue reading

SYMBOLIC INK. ‘Wear your ink’ . X.

Skull & X bones symbolism In general the ‘skull & crossbones’ image is said to be symbolic of mortality and rebirth.   The bones below the skull are crossed diagonally, in a saltire… Continue reading

WEAR YOUR INK. Crystallised.

 Crystallised: Tattoo design, style & culture  Here’s my inkpiration board for all things ‘crystallised’                I love anything geomentric, facetted, geological…. and the strong shapes often feature… Continue reading

SYMBOLISM. Caduceus.

Caduceus means “herald’s staff of office” in Greek. The caduceus is a rod, staff or wand generally surmounted with wings. 2 serpents entwine about the staff forming a figure of eight (infinity). The… Continue reading

CUSTOM YOUR INK. bespoke #tattoo design.Heart with moth

I have been doing a bit of custom tattoo design recently… Its great to create designs with people. Bouncing off ideas and tweaking ideas. You can sometimes do something that you wouldn’t normally… Continue reading

SYMBOLISM: ‘All seeing eye’

All Seeing Eye   A single eye surrounded by rays of light within an unfinished pyramid. Known as ‘eye of providence’  it is said to represent god watching over mankind. The triangle symbol… Continue reading

DESIGN ON THE GO: Skeleton tattooed leather designs.

I have a few designs I am inking this week. Short week, due to the bank holiday, so feeling a little behind! (argh) Have just cut and wet the leather, ready to trace… Continue reading