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FLASH INK | DAY OF THE DEAD Tattoo Flash Design In celebration of the Day of the Dead, All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day, & Halloween. We are offering a free download of our sugar skull… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK.  SACRED HUMMINGBIRD Custom Tattoo Design Size; Width 40 cm. This design is created to sit across the stomach. The motifs hold personal symbolism and represents the client & their 2 children… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK PLEIADES Custom Tattoo Design Size; Half sleeve. The design is inspired by the cosmos.   The Pleiades (Seven Sisters) , is an open star cluster located in the constellation of Taurus.… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK. ONENESS OF LIFE Custom Tattoo Design Size; Height 20 cm. The design is inspired by the universe & oneness of life.   It features, a bee with hexagon & hive patterns,… Continue reading


MINDFUL INK.  PAIN & GROWTH   Colouring in art. Size; A3 This design was created for a Professor of Psychology The art is intended to be used by young adults, as a colouring… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Blood creation

CUSTOM INK.  Blood Creation Full sleeve (wrapped) with hand extension.   This inky design wraps around the arm, with an extension onto the top hand and fingers.   Its starting point of this… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Spirit Wolf

CUSTOM INK. Spirit Wolf Height: 17 cm. This inky design, features a wolf, roses and a geometric crescent moon. The background is shading, moving from night to day. Thanks, as ever … go… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Darkness

CUSTOM INK. Darkness Full sleeve (wrapped) This design is dark art and alchemical inspired. It features multiple of layers of symbolism merged together. Including; a ram skull, moon cycles, pentagrams, all seeing eye,… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK. ARROW DIRECTIONS 12 CM W This little design features an arrow with 4 directions. You need to pull an arrow backward in order top go forwards Thanks to my fab client… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK   ‘ONWARDS’  H 7 cm This design is centered around personally symbolic motifs around the theme of ’moving onward’ The design is symmetrical with a skull and heart at the center. 2… Continue reading


FLASH FRIDAY: FLOWER INK I have recently added in some more geometric FLOWER  FLASH designs Check in now and again to see what’s been added ! Design 16. All seeing eye peony Buy Design… Continue reading

FLASH FRIDAY ! New sacred ink.

FLASH FRIDAY  NEW INK I am slowly adding in some FLASH designs, inspired by sacred geometry Check in now and again to see what’s been added !   The designs are angled for… Continue reading


NEW CUSTOM INK ‘RHYTHMS OF LIFE ‘ H 20 cm. This design holds lots of personally symbolic motifs, based around the theme that after the rain comes the sunshine. It features dark water,… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Sacred Nature

CUSTOM INK NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘Sacred Nature ‘ Half sleeve wrap around This designs is based around sacred geometry and nature. It features, the flower of life, an American robin, an anatomical heart,… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Aztec arrow

NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘Aztec Arrow’ (20 cm) A bit of colour, for a change …. ! Many thanks to my lovely client x


HANG YOUR INK / RHYTHM OF LIFE Ink // Tattooed on leather Tooled In reclaimed ash frame, with leather inlay 50 x 70 cm VISIT MY WEBSITE BLOG TO READ ABOUT THE CREATION OF… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Mythical Bee

NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘Mythical Bee’  (13cm H) The design features a mystical bee, with Octahedron and arrow. Huge thanks to my fab client 🙂 Have a look at my bee ‘ready to wear’ flash 

CUSTOM INK. ‘ Memento Mori ‘

NEW CUSTOM INK ‘ Memento Mori ‘ 5 cm H This design features t circle of life and death symbolism, with roses     Always love to draw a skull, so thanks to… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK: Arrow Mandala

Geometric tattoo design


SYMBOLIC INK : The Wolf The Wolf has always been a symbol of evil, as well as good. It has many different meanings across the world.     The Egyptians also worshipped the… Continue reading