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CUSTOM INK.  COSMIC WISDOM Custom Tattoo Design Size; full sleeve. The design is inspired by the theme ‘geometric nature’ It features, a stylised great horned owl & crescent moon as the main motif,… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. To see a world in a grain of sand.

  CUSTOM INK. To see a world in a grain of sand. Custom Tattoo Design. Size; 43 cm W.    This design is inspired by the William Blake poem ‘Auguries of Innocence’ “ To see a… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK. SACRED CROSS Size; Height 60 cm. This design features sacred geometry & geometric patterns set inside a cross. It is designed to go onto the back & across the shoulders. Many… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK. KNOWLEDGE & INTUITION Size; Sleeve.   This sleeve represents the tension between the known and unknown, knowledge & intuition. Within the ‘unknown’ section there are esoteric or cosmic influences. In the… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK BEE OF LIFE STERNUM Size; 11 H This design features a bumble bee surrounded by the flower of life and geometric patterns and arrows. Designed to be worn on the sternum.… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK. Owl Mandala Size; 14 cm H x 13 cm W . This little design features a great horned owl (face), 6 petal lotus blossom (to represent 6 of the family), flower… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK. Entangled 8 Size; Full sleeve. This sleeve tells a personal story. Each of the heart vessels flow into octopus tentacles They grasp 8 symbolic images, which represent important things or fears.… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK. Boxing hares Upper half sleeve. This design is focused around the theme ‘geometric nature’  It features ; 2 boxing hares, roses, diamonds, gemstones, hummingbirds and a mandala  baced on the Viking… Continue reading


HOLIDAY NOTICE OUR INKY STUDIO WILL BE CLOSED FROM 24 FEBRUARY TO 14 MARCH (INCLUSIVE)  All leather art will be posted out from 15 March. All flash art will be sent to you… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK. Lower half sleeve. This design is focused around ‘namaste’, which is an ancient Sanskrit greeting still in use everyday. The design also features the 4 alchemical elements, sacred geometry (Fibonacci spiral,… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK.  Sacred Years Upper quarter sleeve. Happy Chinese New Year!  This design is focused around the animals of the Chinese zodiac.   The animals relate to important people in the clients life.… Continue reading


Design detail. This design features a Japanese inspired Koi fish, with a pattern inspired by water bubbles, waves and flowing water. H 17.7 cm.


SKULLTURE:BOOK   I am so pleased to be featured in this amazing new SKULLTURE book Thanks to everyone at Vetro Editions for including my inky art. I am listed under Dionne Marshall (aka… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK: Minds eye.

CUSTOM INK Minds eye Full sleeve This inky design wraps around the arm, joining with a DNA spiral & tree of life & carbon symbol (symbolic of life). Contained within this design are… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK: Alchemical sleeve

CUSTOM INK:  Alchemical sleeve Full sleeve This inky design wraps around the arm, joining with a tree of life.   Contained within this design are many alchemical references. Planetary and metal symbols, a… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Blood creation

CUSTOM INK.  Blood Creation Full sleeve (wrapped) with hand extension.   This inky design wraps around the arm, with an extension onto the top hand and fingers.   Its starting point of this… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Borneo Yantra

CUSTOM INK.   Borneo Yantra   Height; 25 cm This inky design features a Sri Yantra as the main motifs. Borneo inspired botanicals & bugs are integrated into the Yantra. Including a pitcher… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Spirit Wolf

CUSTOM INK. Spirit Wolf Height: 17 cm. This inky design, features a wolf, roses and a geometric crescent moon. The background is shading, moving from night to day. Thanks, as ever … go… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Darkness

CUSTOM INK. Darkness Full sleeve (wrapped) This design is dark art and alchemical inspired. It features multiple of layers of symbolism merged together. Including; a ram skull, moon cycles, pentagrams, all seeing eye,… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Sustenance

CUSTOM INK. Sustenance Sleeve This culinary sleeve design was created for my lovely client who is a chef It features a range of food stuffs, such as mackerel, Sicilian lemon (seeds, flowers ,… Continue reading