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CUSTOM INK MOUNTAIN TRAILS Custom Tattoo Design. (2016) Height 25 cm. This design is inspired by the nature & the outdoors It features a great horned owl, perched on a brown bear, with a… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK.  Sacred Years Upper quarter sleeve. Happy Chinese New Year!  This design is focused around the animals of the Chinese zodiac.   The animals relate to important people in the clients life.… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Spirit Wolf

CUSTOM INK. Spirit Wolf Height: 17 cm. This inky design, features a wolf, roses and a geometric crescent moon. The background is shading, moving from night to day. Thanks, as ever … go… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK ‘THYLACINE’ H 12 cm This little design features a stylized skull & Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) The Thylacine has a distinctive jaw and striped body. Thanks to my fab client for this… Continue reading

LEATHER LOVE:Frank Verkade fashion accessories and jewellery

Zoomorf is a collection by Dutch designer Frank Verkade. Zoo’morf; In its shape or appearance resembling an animal.

Zoomorf shows a reinterpretation of traditional accessories and jewellery. Inspired by the animal body and animal… Continue reading