CUSTOM INK. Sacred planets

NEW CUSTOM INK ‘ Sacred Planets’ Wrapped full sleeve This design is based on the theme ‘sacred planets’ . It features a complex pattern of flowing interstellar shapes, the cosmos, planetary orbits, sun… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Sacred Nature

CUSTOM INK NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘Sacred Nature ‘ Half sleeve wrap around This designs is based around sacred geometry and nature. It features, the flower of life, an American robin, an anatomical heart,… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Aztec arrow

NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘Aztec Arrow’ (20 cm) A bit of colour, for a change …. ! Many thanks to my lovely client x

CUSTOM INK . Sun and Moon

NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘Revolving sun and moon’ (14 cm) As it is a full moon this evening…. This design depicts a sun and moon circling each other. It is in an open style… Continue reading


CUSTOM INK NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘Sprit compass’ ( 9 cm H ) The geometric design represent a compass. The triangles represent fire and passion. The circles spirit (aether) Huge thanks to my fab… Continue reading


                  CUSTOM INK NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘Botanical Bee’ (5 cm H)     The design features a bee set inside the petals of an open… Continue reading


HANG YOUR INK / RHYTHM OF LIFE Ink // Tattooed on leather Tooled In reclaimed ash frame, with leather inlay 50 x 70 cm VISIT MY WEBSITE BLOG TO READ ABOUT THE CREATION OF… Continue reading


NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘All seeing cube’ (20 cm H) The design is created around the Metatron’s Cube and platonic solids. It features an all seeing eye and a cube pattern Huge thanks to… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Mythical Bee

NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘Mythical Bee’  (13cm H) The design features a mystical bee, with Octahedron and arrow. Huge thanks to my fab client 🙂 Have a look at my bee ‘ready to wear’ flash 

CUSTOM INK. Waratah Circle

  NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘Waratah Circle’ (15 cm H) The design features a Waratah flower with circles, symbolic of change and a new life cycle. Huge thanks to my fab client It is… Continue reading


NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘Geometric Caribou’  (H 11.5 cm) The design features a caribou (reindeer) antler, with arrows and philosophers stone. A lovely design to create, thanks go out to my fab client X… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. ‘Spirit Nature’

NEW CUSTOM INK ‘Spirit Nature’ This design is a 3/4 sleeve. The theme is nature, spiritualism & the universe     The design wraps around and joins at the rear. The design features,… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK . ‘ Geometric Nature’

NEW CUSTOM DESIGN ‘Geometric Nature’  Sleeve (wrap around) The design is combines geometric shapes and sacred geometry with natural forms.   The design features a geometric ‘tree of life’ surrounded by botanicals and roses,… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. ‘ Memento Mori ‘

NEW CUSTOM INK ‘ Memento Mori ‘ 5 cm H This design features t circle of life and death symbolism, with roses     Always love to draw a skull, so thanks to… Continue reading

HANG YOUR INK. (Work in progress)

HANG YOUR INK (Work in progress) “Celebrate life’ For an upcoming exhibition (click on image to see previous post)   It features 3 skulls (front, side and the mandible)  set within a geometric hourglass… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Egyptian Lotus

NEW CUSTOM INK ‘ Egyptian Lotus’ 12.5 cm H This design features a lotus blossom, in an Egyptian style, growing from a icosahedron. Set inside a Vesica Piscis Thanks to my fab client… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Om Mandala

NEW CUSTOM INK ‘Om Mandala’ 12 cm This custom design is based around the Tibetan ‘Om’ symbol, set inside a lotus flower with 8 petals (symbolic of the Buddhist 8 fold path) and… Continue reading

HANG YOUR INK. #CelebrateLife

EXHIBITION NEWS Celebrais Vitae #celebratelife 31st October 2014 – 6 November.@ Box Studio, Shoreditch, London.We are super excited to announce the date for the opening night of our upcoming skull Exhibition, CELEBRABIS VITAE,… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK: Arrow Mandala

Geometric tattoo design


  THE BEE: Symbolism In the ancient world, the bee was very important indeed, as the honey it produced was one of the few naturally occurring sweet substances and it was also a… Continue reading