CUSTOM INK. ‘ Memento Mori ‘

NEW CUSTOM INK ‘ Memento Mori ‘ 5 cm H This design features t circle of life and death symbolism, with roses     Always love to draw a skull, so thanks to… Continue reading

HANG YOUR INK. (Work in progress)

HANG YOUR INK (Work in progress) “Celebrate life’ For an upcoming exhibition (click on image to see previous post)   It features 3 skulls (front, side and the mandible)  set within a geometric hourglass… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Egyptian Lotus

NEW CUSTOM INK ‘ Egyptian Lotus’ 12.5 cm H This design features a lotus blossom, in an Egyptian style, growing from a icosahedron. Set inside a Vesica Piscis Thanks to my fab client… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK. Om Mandala

NEW CUSTOM INK ‘Om Mandala’ 12 cm This custom design is based around the Tibetan ‘Om’ symbol, set inside a lotus flower with 8 petals (symbolic of the Buddhist 8 fold path) and… Continue reading

HANG YOUR INK. #CelebrateLife

EXHIBITION NEWS Celebrais Vitae #celebratelife 31st October 2014 – 6 November.@ Box Studio, Shoreditch, London.We are super excited to announce the date for the opening night of our upcoming skull Exhibition, CELEBRABIS VITAE,… Continue reading

CUSTOM INK: Arrow Mandala

Geometric tattoo design


  THE BEE: Symbolism In the ancient world, the bee was very important indeed, as the honey it produced was one of the few naturally occurring sweet substances and it was also a… Continue reading


  THE OWL There are different aspects of the birds symbolic meaning. Words associated with the owl are ; wisdom, mystery, transition, messages, intelligence, mysticism, protection, secrets. Read more about the owl &… Continue reading


SYMBOLIC INK : The Wolf The Wolf has always been a symbol of evil, as well as good. It has many different meanings across the world.     The Egyptians also worshipped the… Continue reading


COMMISSION  I love creating art by commission as you can really make each piece special to the client. Leather is the gift for a third year anniversary. Here is a little bit about… Continue reading


 ‘HANG YOUR INK’ Creating memories …. I love creating art by commission, as you can really make each piece special to the client.   Leather is the gift for a third year anniversary,… Continue reading


  Yantra – symbolic meaning The Yantra is a linear geometric figure that embodies in a symbol, the spoken chant or mantra. In essence, it is a symbol of the cosmos. If sand… Continue reading

SYMBOLISM. The moth.

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SYMBOLISM. The snake

SYMBOLISM: The snake The main part of this blog is now at this link, alongside my main website. Thank you for looking!   Click here for earlier posts on symbolism,tattoo art, design & culture.… Continue reading

SYMBOLISM: The Hummingbird.

BLOG NOTE! I have recently started to place all my blogs onto a page within my website It’s not exactly a creative tool … so it may not look like the last posts… Continue reading

SYMBOLISM. Lotus flower

The Lotus flower meaning is shared across several cultures.     The Lotus slowly emerges from a pond or muddy water over a three day period and then blooms in the morning until mid-afternoon.… Continue reading


Mandala (Sanskrit: ‘circle’) is a spiritual and ritual symbol, representing the Universe.    The term is of Hindu origin, but is also used in other religions, particularly Buddhism. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas… Continue reading

HANG YOUR INK. ‘Everything has beauty’

HANG YOUR INK  SSSSlither….  Tattooed leather art 55cm x 34cm  This post is about the creating of my ‘Everything has beauty’ work, which I have to say has taken the longest to do,… Continue reading


SYMBOLISM: ALCHEMY        The word alchemy conjures up images that are magical and mystical. Alchemy differs significantly from modern science in its inclusion of Hermetic principles and practices related to mythology,… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION. Embellished skulls by Lauren Baker

        Embellished skulls by Lauren Baker Lauren Baker is a contemporary multimedia artist who paints and embellishes sculptural works.    Her creations include human resin skulls, animal skulls and sculpted… Continue reading