HANG YOUR INK. Mini sized inky pieces in A5

HANG YOUR INK …. Tiny Tattoos! I have just started to do some small inky art, for an exhibition I am participating in during July, http://www.strukk.co.uk Here they are in various stages of ‘creation’…… Continue reading

SYMBOLISM. HEXAGON symbolic meaning.

  In geometry, a hexagon is a polygon with six edges and six vertices. The total of the internal angles of any hexagon is 720°. Meaning of 6; (as a numerological aspect of… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: Artist Carlos Amorales. #skulls

Carlos Amorales is a Mexican artist who works and lives in Mexico City   Amorales works in a variety of media, including video animation, painting, drawing, sculpture, and performance. Much of his work… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE.#Anatomy inspired graphic art. Juan gatti

Juan Gatti is generally known as a commercial photographer and graphic designer,  who lives and works in Madrid


As a geometric tool, it has no equal, if you put a cross inside a circle, then you are able to divide the circle equally The shape of a true Latin cross, when… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE.Horst Kiechle #anatomy inspired paper sculptures

The Australian architect is most known for his “archisculptures,” where he takes paper and card to create intricate models and prototypes that are a cross between architecture and sculpture Learn more about this project http://www.amorphous-constructions.com… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE.The science and #anatomy inspired art of Daniel Martin Diaz.Love it!

The Art of Daniel Martin Diaz Here are some amazing and beautiful drawings in  Silver Point, Graphite, India Ink, Wax, Charcoal on Wood Pulp Paper and Antique Paper. Love the technique and know… Continue reading

CUSTOM YOUR INK. bespoke #tattoo design.Heart with moth

I have been doing a bit of custom tattoo design recently… Its great to create designs with people. Bouncing off ideas and tweaking ideas. You can sometimes do something that you wouldn’t normally… Continue reading

WEAR YOUR INK: in a continuous line.Wire #tattoo design, art and culture

I love lines which flow continuously and quite often the motifs in my work flow on from one to another. This post illustrates a tattoo style which looks similar to wire. Love how… Continue reading

DESIGN ON THE GO: Sketch of ‘dark heart’ #tattooed leather art

I am now working on an A3 collage piece…. working title,  ‘Dark Heart’  This piece contains motifs such as, sweet peas (my favourite!) Skull (of course!) and daggers, heart/roses & moth, bees and… Continue reading


        SYMBOLIC INK The arrow The ARROW has many symbolic meaning attached to it Symbol of flight penetration & direction Symbol of power (to the carrier) Symbol of love. Diana… Continue reading

HANG YOUR INK: Raven and poppies. #tattooedleather #tattoo

Hang your new INK on your wall … Art being prepared …. and starting to ink       Final art close up. Tattooed with 1 needle onto veg tan leather Framed & ready… Continue reading

LEATHER LOVE:Tattooed leather shoes

‘These boots are made for tattooing’ On my list of things to do, is turning my attentions to inking shoes There seems to be a small micro trend, within luxury leather labels to… Continue reading

WEAR YOUR INK: Triangulated

The TRIANGLE shares the symbolic significance of the number 3 It therefore represents, many things that come in groups of 3 From the holy trinity,  to the triple aspect of the goddess In… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: Happy ‘Skull Appreciation Day’

  Happy Skull Appreciation day! June 4th 2013 http://skulladay.blogspot.co.uk Here’s one of mine, tattooed onto leather  

PUNCTURED ARTEFACT SKULLS: ‘Skull A Day’ artist spotlight

I was featured on the fab blog ‘SKULL-A-DAY’ on Saturday June 4th  Thanks to Tatman & all the crew @ skull a day for the feature! Read it @ http://www.skulladay.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/super-punctured-skulls-saturday.html You can also… Continue reading

HANG YOUR INK:10 techniques used #Skeleton dance #tattooed leather art

Just finished the latest piece , working title of Skeleton dance. Here’s the finished item, waiting for the frame & a look at the techniques used to create it Stage 1. Design outline.… Continue reading

SYMBOLISM: ‘All seeing eye’

All Seeing Eye   A single eye surrounded by rays of light within an unfinished pyramid. Known as ‘eye of providence’  it is said to represent god watching over mankind. The triangle symbol… Continue reading

PUNCTURED WORLD: New look gallery now online

                          World of punctured! The website gallery is now updated with all the new inky art I have been working on… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: #skulls. The Albion by Bradley Jay – illustrator

Bradley Jay is a 24 year old freelance illustrator based in the UK predominantly working with detailed ink drawing, collage and digital arts http://www.bradleyjay.co.uk Bradley’s work includes themes from religion, alchemy, astrology, botany… Continue reading