Punctured Artefact creates original artwork & custom tattoo design

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Website page

Bespoke tattoo design

Punctured Artefact creates original tattoo art

Here at P.A, we treat each design as an exciting new project …. a creative opportunity to get lost in some research, get inspired & scribble away!

We do not use any form of clip art, stock images, tattoo flash books, re worked or photo-shopped images.

Every inch of the design is created from our hand drawn sketches.

We like to take our time to create a unique design

The design will be unique to you … No danger of anyone having the same tattoo! Your design will not be replicated again in the exact form, or passed to anyone else.

Design style

All the designs we create have a signature ‘Punctured Artefact’ style.  If you like our work, then we will create a

design you love!

With a background in textile design, symmetry , symbolism & the flow of motifs are important.

Patterns are created through interlocking  and flowing lines. Geometric and organic motifs are mixed with angular

or fluid lines.

Illustrated in an ‘open’ in style, with straight , sweeping  & tapered lines or a small amount of pointillism.

We love to work in Black (or Black with 1 or 2 highlight colours)

We love to design in our own unique way,  so sorry (!) but we wont be able to take on projects which require a different style or approach.


Design fees

As we create our designs uniquely for you, we don’t follow a pricing structure.

We quote depending on the amount of motifs or complexity of your design and the time

dedicated to you. We want you to love your design & welcome clear feedback throughout

the project.We always aim to minimise the amount of  design changes but a reasonable amount of

changes will happen along the way.! If the changes start to be too excessive, we may need to raise a

further quote for design time (but hope to avoid this!)

 A 50% deposit would be appreciated before any design work is undertaken. We will let

you know how, when you confirm you wish to go ahead. A pay-pal account is advisable

Punctured Artefact, reserves the design rights on your inky art.

Please do not download or use any of our artwork

All seeing eye

Got an inky idea?

We are happy to work with your ideas (If you have any!) Or, we can come up with some design ideas for you,  based on the kinds of things you like or that are important to you.

If you have a really clear vision of what you are looking for, providing images, key words,

or the story behind the concept will really help to bring it alive.

Inky artwork

 Here’s how we create you unique ink … click on any of the images for notes on the project


Idea’s Sketchbook

We may provide very quick sketchy ideas on compositions and motif arrangements before going onto the steps below (to gain direction on a loose brief, define the motifs or gauge reaction)


A.  2 or 3 hand drawn sketches. These would be ‘work in progress’ outlines with notes on

how it would develop on. It would have a sketchy hand drawn feel.

B. 1 x ‘design development’ drawing, based on your initial feedback. This will include revised

outlines and composition. A section will be worked up with the line-work or colour.

C. 1 development amend & more detailed line-work.

D. 1 final design, to include 1 x outline (for carbon transfer) and 1 x line-work or colour

(generally scanned in and digitally touched up)

High resolution files will be created & uploaded to file sharing site, for download