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INSIDE. OUTSIDE. Anatomy admiration.Photographer, Francois Robert. Bone Art.

INSIDE … OUTSIDE Anatomy admiration For other ‘anatomy’ related posts, click here ……………… Bone Art by Francois Robert   STOP THE VIOLENCE Robert’s collection of bone art, titled “Stop the Violence”, uses human… Continue reading

INSIDE.OUTSIDE. Anatomy admiration. Works by illustrator Dung Hoang

Illustrator. Dung Hoang Dung Hoang’s rich textural illustrations have graced the pages of numerous publications. Like many illustrators, he began drawing at an early age. But it wasn’t until a few years… Continue reading


Adriane Colburn is an artist based in San Francisco, CA, Athens, Georgia and Vermont Website: Morning Becomes Parasympathetic 2005 Paper and Ink 13’x20′ Artist statement This large paper cut out references the parasympathetic… Continue reading

INSIDE.OUTSIDE. MED IN ART I am lucky enough to be featured on a fabulous website called ‘MEDinART’ (Dionne Marshall- Punctured Artefact) It features all kinds of creatives including artists, painters, designers, sculptors, musicians, illustrators, photographers, jewellers… Continue reading

INSIDE.OUTSIDE. Anatomy admiration. Camila Carlow

Camila Carlow  is a Guatemalan-born artist based in Bristol, England. She works in a range of mediums, from fine art painting and photography, and as a cinematographer for video production. She currently spends… Continue reading


ALAN DINDO Alan Dindo is an artist based in Rome. As an artist he is an emerging one. His works range from graphic art to the creation of works using a wooden surface,… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE. #Anatomy admiration. Artist Katrine Jollet

Artist Statement  The body as an enigma,I explore it, step by step, like a space that I need to reconstruct, to unify.Fabrics are materials that came naturally to me as an analogy to… Continue reading


Diego Max Collages   

INSIDE OUTSITE. Anatomy Admiration, YMT designs

YMT creates highly detailed patterns featuring human anatomy YMT is a Sydney based Contemporary visual artist, who works in a variety of mediums ranging from drawing, glass, print media, textiles, photography, and mural… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE. Anatomy admiration. Artist Hideki Tokushige. Bone Flowers

Hideki Tokushige This post features the works of Japanese artist Hideki Tokushige & the series Honebana (Bone flower) which began in 2008 See more @      Tokushige originally trained in photography &… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE. Anatomy Admiration. Illustrator Vladamir Stankovic

VLADIMIR STANKOVIC Vladimir Stankovic, is a graphic designer and illustrator from Serbia, currently based in Rovaniemi, Finland. In his work he combines a love and passion towards illustration and graphic design,… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE. Anatomy admiration. Artist Micheal Reedy   Artist statement; BROWN AND BLUE WORKS In the brown and blue works I began to explore visual complexity and ornamentation in conjunction with my prior interests; which have long been rooted… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE.#Anatomy admiration. Artist Kathleen Sawyer

Grahamstown, South Africa based printmaker and draftsman Kathleen Sawyer has a keen love of things that involve anatomy, mutation and/or horrible disease often rendering them with only a ballpoint pen. She’s created several… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE. Anatomy admiration.Artist Frederick Sommer, collage

Frederick Sommer (September 7, 1905 – January 23, 1999), was an artist born in Angri, Italy and raised in Brazil Considered a master photographer, Sommer first experimented with photography in 1931 after being… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE.Anatomy admiration.Isabella Dalle

Isabelle Dalle

INSIDE OUTSITE. #Anatomy admiration.Lisa Nillson.Tissue series.

Tissue Series Anatomical Cross-Sections in Paper   The artist creates pieces from Japanese mulberry paper and the gilded edges of old books. They are constructed by a technique of rolling and shaping narrow… Continue reading

INSIDE.OUTSIDE. Anatomy admiration. Artist Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Alexander Korzer -Robinson  Alexander’s book sculptures are made by working through a book, page by page, cutting around some of the illustrations while removing others. The images seen in the finished work, are… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE. #Anatomy admiration. Anatomy of an angel by Damien Hurst

Anatomy of an angel. Carrara marble. 2008. The classically posed Carrara marble figure is based on Alfred Boucher’s sculpture ‘L’Hirondelle’ (1920). In Hirst’s version, cross-sections of her body show the anatomical structure beneath the… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE.#Anatomy inspired graphic art. Juan gatti

Juan Gatti is generally known as a commercial photographer and graphic designer,  who lives and works in Madrid

INSIDE OUTSIDE.Horst Kiechle #anatomy inspired paper sculptures

The Australian architect is most known for his “archisculptures,” where he takes paper and card to create intricate models and prototypes that are a cross between architecture and sculpture Learn more about this project… Continue reading