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DESIGN ON THE GO: Sketch of ‘dark heart’ #tattooed leather art

I am now working on an A3 collage piece…. working title,  ‘Dark Heart’  This piece contains motifs such as, sweet peas (my favourite!) Skull (of course!) and daggers, heart/roses & moth, bees and… Continue reading

HANG YOUR INK:10 techniques used #Skeleton dance #tattooed leather art

Just finished the latest piece , working title of Skeleton dance. Here’s the finished item, waiting for the frame & a look at the techniques used to create it Stage 1. Design outline.… Continue reading

DESIGN ON THE GO: Skeleton tattooed leather designs.

I have a few designs I am inking this week. Short week, due to the bank holiday, so feeling a little behind! (argh) Have just cut and wet the leather, ready to trace… Continue reading

DESIGN ON THE GO: Dissected flower Ace :Tattooed Leather

Whilst i am waiting for ‘bone city’ to dry…. This is the next few days objective! I wondered whether to to this one as A2/3… due to the complex patterns within the floral… Continue reading

INKY DESIGN ON THE GO: Sketch out of ‘Bone city’ #skull

Sketching out the next one I need to put onto leather this week… The line-work is just a rough sketch out at the moment… thought I would add in a bit of symbology,… Continue reading

DESIGN ON THE GO: Punctured World website update

Well, after much ‘ putting it off’…. The website has be ‘organised’ a little… so that (hopefully) its easier to understand what we do here at P.A HQ….. I have also added a… Continue reading


Orchid Skull Time to ink up this design…. Outline – done! , rough work up of line-work – done! , outline onto leather – done! This one, is to go with ‘Biodiversity’ series… Continue reading


INKY DESIGN ON THE GO:  ‘Lungs’ Exploring the Black line….  Today’s challenge is to get as much as I can done on this piece, my working title … LUNGS Ok , so the… Continue reading


Back to the LEATHER LOVE this week…  after a bit of a break from working on leather (after a ‘inkspiration’ break to look at scribbling down some designs, drawings & research.. oh! and… Continue reading

INKY DESIGN ON THE GO: Ravens and poppies

Sketching out a basic line plan of my next project… scribbled onto A4 paper! Design decision needed (!)…. Do I add feather detail on the ravens or leave clean, so that I can… Continue reading


Geo Roses design being inked

DESIGN ON THE GO.Broken Sacred Heart

Lots to try to get done today, as a deadline looms for a show i am doing @ the BCTF. Starting off with dying and tooling the ink i did yesterday. on this… Continue reading

Tattooed Leather: Today’s design on the go…

Tattooed Leather: Design on the go; Bugs & Creepers biodiversity. Mid way through inking

Tattoo design in progress, moths

Todays design being tattooed on leather is 2 moths and a diamond.