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HANG YOUR INK. (Work in progress)

HANG YOUR INK (Work in progress) “Celebrate life’ For an upcoming exhibition (click on image to see previous post)   It features 3 skulls (front, side and the mandible)  set within a geometric hourglass… Continue reading

HANG YOUR INK. #CelebrateLife

EXHIBITION NEWS Celebrais Vitae #celebratelife 31st October 2014 – 6 November.@ Box Studio, Shoreditch, London.We are super excited to announce the date for the opening night of our upcoming skull Exhibition, CELEBRABIS VITAE,… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION. Embellished skulls by Lauren Baker

        Embellished skulls by Lauren Baker Lauren Baker is a contemporary multimedia artist who paints and embellishes sculptural works.    Her creations include human resin skulls, animal skulls and sculpted… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION. Artist Jacob Dahlstrup.3d Paper #tattoo art

Jacob is based in Copenhagen Jacob uses a tattoo machine like a pen on heavy water color paper and creates a three-dimensional line, after sketching his design with a pencil, he goes over the lines… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION. Artist, Chris Heaphy

CHRIS HEAPHY Lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand Chris is particularly interested in the “inevitable change or slippage of meaning of the symbol.” (Artist’s statement, Frieze Art Fair, London, 2007) Drawing from… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: Artist Carlos Amorales. #skulls

Carlos Amorales is a Mexican artist who works and lives in Mexico City   Amorales works in a variety of media, including video animation, painting, drawing, sculpture, and performance. Much of his work… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: Happy ‘Skull Appreciation Day’

  Happy Skull Appreciation day! June 4th 2013 Here’s one of mine, tattooed onto leather  

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: #skulls. The Albion by Bradley Jay – illustrator

Bradley Jay is a 24 year old freelance illustrator based in the UK predominantly working with detailed ink drawing, collage and digital arts Bradley’s work includes themes from religion, alchemy, astrology, botany… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: Joe Murtagh. Colourful digital art and illustration

DIGITAL ART & ILLUSTRATION by Joe Murtagh DEATH CHIC   “I do love colour, and the effect it has on certain subject matter. I use strong colour to sugar coat certain themes. To… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: Digital collages

I really like all the DIGITAL COLLAGES  that seem to be around at the moment …. love the mix of organic and geometric The one above is by Yana Racyborynska, sorry (!) I’m… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: Spin Skulls by Damien Hurst

“The movement sort of implies life.” Damien Hirst The series began in earnest in 1994, when Hirst had a spin machine made whilst living in Berlin The works are described by the artist… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION! Graphic art … ‘Slime’ by Boneface

Love his work, especially the new QOTSA stuff!

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: #Skull painting by Benjamin Mis

Untitled 5.Painting by Benjamin Mis

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: ‘Love’ by Patrick Henne.#skulls

‘Love’ by patrick henne

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: Luis Toldeo digital collage

            LUIS TOLEDO From his website: Life, identity, reality, status quo, intention and purpose. From very young, the look of Luis Toledo explored the inquisitive reality, analyzing… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD LOVE: Giles Balmet Art. #skull

Giles Balmet, Tsuba 2010 Rorschach Inkblot


British Artist Mat Miller; Mixed Media, Flora and Fauna MORE: Death head devotions @


DEATH HEAD DEVOTION…  My favourite find of the day ….  Splash by Natxo Frisuelos


Saatchi Online Artist Gian Luigi Delpin; Painting, death will come and will get your eyes #art LOVE !!