Punctured Artefact creates handmade, tattooed, tooled , stitched leather art, artefacts. We also create custom tattoo & ready to wear inky designs


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How your ink is created …  

Each piece is created from an original artwork and is totally unique. No two pieces will ever be the same.

• Premium untreated natural veg tan leather is the base for all pieces.

• The leather is selected by the look and feel of the grain. Depth is created by oiling and dyeing each piece,  to bring out the natural colour and grain of the skin.

• The decorative and detailed linework is tattooed onto the leather (with a traditional tattoo machine).

• To bring out the line-work and beauty of the leather, leather working techniques are used. These may include;  tooling, embossing, engraving, etching & repousse are used. Book binding techniques such as lacunose, tudor style, onlay and inlay feature in some of the designs. Each piece is finished by bevelling, dying and buffing the edges before being mounted and framed into a ‘shadow box’ frame  made from worn reclaimed wood  (created by us)


About us …            

With a background in textile design, pattern work and flowing lines feature strongly in all the designs. The main ‘inkspiration’ comes from the artistry & imagery of modern tattooing, mixed with a never ending love of skulls, geometry, Japanese, natural forms, botany, anatomy, science, lines & patterns.

Uniquely inked …  

Inky Art: Each piece (within the shop) is generally made to order. We only make a limited number of each design , so that we can continue to be inspired and create new designs. Each design can be personalised,  just get in touch and ask. Dont  forget, your ink may take up to 3 weeks to create, so please get your xmas presants early

Inky tattoo design:  If you are interested in having a custom made design especially for you & your skin. Click here for more details

The designs are illustrated by hand from our original artwork, sketches & ideas. We are proud of what we create here at P.A…It’s really important to us , to create something totally unique to you and we invest alot of time creating your inky design. We dont use any clip art,  ‘photoshopped’ or re worked stock images, so you wont see your designs on anyone else!


Visit the website to get a look into whats happening in the studio each week, what work is in progress, what inspires us & ideas on the go

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