HANG YOUR INK. ‘Everything has beauty’



Tattooed leather art 55cm x 34cm 

This post is about the creating of my ‘Everything has beauty’ work, which I have to say has taken the longest to do, out of all my work!

The work is 55cm x 34cm, so its relatively small & detailed. It is created on veg tan leather


Here’s a bit more about how it was created (I have also created tattoo flash, with similar motifs – so I have added into this post also!)

The idea ….


Rough sketch of the idea

I wanted to do a symmetrical piece which would sit alongside my other larger pieces. Collaging images together, which i was drawn to….

I started with the symbolism first. I wanted to add in a YANTRA ‘creation’ symbol. A yantra is formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the central (bindu) point.

Yantra (tattoo flash)

Yantra (tattoo flash)

I created a geometric mandala, to sit alongside this. Mandala means circle in sanskrit. Monks created the symbols over 2500 years ago as part of their traditional spiritual training, and is still used as a focus for meditation today. Carl Yung recognised the usefulness of creating mandalas as part of his psychological explorations and described them as ‘a representation of the unconscious self’.


Mandala (tattoo flash)

The title became ‘Everything has beauty’ when the snakes, animal skulls were added in and the idea of death and resurrection followed on from there ….

Hummingbirds are a symbol of death and resurrection. It loses a significant amount of heat during the night to conserve energy ,so that it appears to be dead if found at night. Once the sun is up, the heat of the sunshine revives it. The honeysuckle family of plants are favourites of the hummingbirds


Hummingbird (tattoo flash)

The serpent is a symbol of regeneration, reincarnation and healing. I created mine with scales that changed direction forming into layered scale like petals

Creating the work … 

The image is painstaikingly traced onto leather, so that the faint depressions can be followed with the tattoo machine.


Fine outline

6 7 9.WIP

The fine outline, is then made heavier by going over and over the line with one needle


Note: The left hand side, still needs to have the lines made stronger in places


Once the inking is complete. I then go around all the lines with a leather modelling tool,  in order to smooth the fibres and create texture. Sections are then depressed, so that it takes on subtle depth and colour.


After many many many (!) hours of work, this is the final piece. It has yet to be framed, but at some point it will go into one of our handmade frames (made with reclaimed aged wood)

The final piece


Closeup details 

P1100260 P1100265 P1100266 P1100273 P1100275 P1100278 P1100279 P1100281 P1100282_1 P1100282 P1100288 P1100297 P1100306

My leather work can be seen at my website

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Dionne x