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Skull & X bones symbolism

Punctured Artefact. Tattoo Flash

Punctured Artefact. Tattoo Flash

In general the ‘skull & crossbones’ image is said to be symbolic of mortality and rebirth.

Francois Robert

Francois Robert

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The bones below the skull are crossed diagonally, in a saltire (diagonal cross)

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Often used as a warning or hazard sign (e.g symbol for poison)


It can also be symbolic of evolutionary change.

Estudio Blanka

Estudio Blanka

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In freemasonry the symbol is repeated 6 times on the ‘tracing board’ which is spread on the floor prior to rituals. To them, it represents both life and death.

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It is also associated with life after death.


The Templers, would bury their dead with their legs removed from the body & placed in the shape of the cross.


In many countries and times the usage of marking the face of a political opponent on a poster with an “X” is a commonly understood way of expressing strong disapproval, sometimes even the wish to kill the person whose picture is so marked.

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The Jolly Roger (crossbones flag)  started life as ‘Jolly Rouge’.

red baron

Red Baron

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This was the name the French branch of the Templers gave to the flag flown on their warrior ships. It was later adopted by pirates.

Yauhen Sakalouski

Yauhen Sakalouski

Tim Walker

Tim Walker

Kim Saigh

Kim Saigh

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I create under the name ‘Punctured Artefact

My work often contains skulls (being a death head obsessive)

I have created a ready•to•wear•collection of ink, which can be seen on my website

Heres is my skull & Xbones ink…. featuring my dark heart skull & triangles

Skull & Xbones. flash

Flash. sample.Xbones

Just click on the flash tab to see it. I also create custom designs

My main passion is creating art, accessories and jewellery by tattooing onto leather with a tattoo machine

Tattooed leather


Dark Heart Skull


Arrow Head

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