Physically the heart is responsible for keeping the blood flowing around the body.

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Symbolically it represents much more than a biological action.

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In the same way that the head represents wisdom, knowledge & learning, the heart is symbolic of love, empathy & charity.


Tattoo by David Hale

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The heart represents the very centre of being, both physically and emotionally and spiritually.


Andrea Galluzzo

In Egypt the last organ left in the body is the heart, which is meant to be as light as a feather, not weighed down by misdeeds or un truths.



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The heart is twinned with the soul.


In many religions, the heart symbolizes god (e.g. sacred heart) See my other post ;


Kate MacDowell

In hindu it is the House of Brahma

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In Christianity it is the Kingdom of God

The heart of Joan of Arc was said to have survived the flames,  a sign that she was chosen by God.


Valentin Hirsch

In China it is the home of the spirit.



In Islam it is symbolic of the inner life of a person.



The shape of a heart, is similar to an inverted triangle.


It is sometimes represented as a chalice, vase or receptacle.


Alan Dindo

The heart is believed to be the first part created within the fetus, and is often the first organ to die.

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The heart became associated with love in the middle ages. 

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I love using the anatomical heart as a symbol in my work, either within my tattooed leather art or custom tattoo design. I have created geometric inspired hearts, hearts and flowers, heart with moth.

I recently did a tattoo flash, which you can see on my website, of an anatomical heart with hawthorn.


Hawthorn Heart

The hawthorn is also called the May tree (flowering in May)

 Medicinally, hawthorn relaxes and tones with heart

The hawthorn is a sacred holy tree wherever it is found. Tolerant of other plants growing near to it, it encourages biodiversity.

Joseph of Aramathea, resting on Wearyall Hill in Glastonbury, England ;leant on his staff and in doing so pushed it into the ground. The staff sprouted into a thorn tree. The tree is blossoms at Christmas time every year and a sprig is sent to the queen.

It is a symbol of protection, due to its thorns. The ancients believed it would protect them from fire, this belief is still practiced today by bringing hawthorn globe or sprigs into your home.

The flowers have 5 petals, to look like a star and is a natural example of a pentagram.

The hawthorn is symbolic of fertility and sensuality.


This is my piece called ‘Dark heart’  tattooed with a tattoo machine onto veg tan leather. See how its created here


Dark Heart by Punctured Artefact

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