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Illustrator. Dung Hoang


Dung Hoang’s rich textural illustrations have graced the pages of numerous publications. Like many illustrators, he began drawing at an early age. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that he decided to illustrate professionally.

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Trained as a graphic designer and art director for over a decade

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Norwegian_Stroke MindBrainBook Norwegian_Spinal_Cord_Injury


His work ranges from the familiar to the obscure, from the simple to the complex. He often blurs the boundaries of mixed media and painting, of collage and photographic montage.

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An avid connoisseur of all things discarded, Dung is comfortable working in both traditional and digital mediums.

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Having studied various printmaking techniques including monoprinting, silkscreening, lacquer and heat transfers, Dung likes to work fast and furiously, preferring spontaneity over preconception.

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