Adriane Colburn is an artist based in San Francisco, CA, Athens, Georgia and Vermont


Morning Becomes Parasympathetic

Paper and Ink

Artist statement

This large paper cut out references the parasympathetic nervous system and how the act of illustrating and mapping our own inner workings, requires that it is flattened, spread out, color coded, and dissected. The creation of such a chart can be simultaneously disgusting, sublime and abstract. This piece is connected to the gallery wall through small holes, which the paper weaves in and out of.

25_morning-detail 25_morning-becomes-parasympathetic

For Thick or Thin

Paper and Ink

Artist statement

This piece is from a body of work that is inspired by anatomical mappings and models. It is composed of very thin rice paper with holes burnt into it. Behind this thin membrane a cut paper structure forms a system that is about 6 inches deep and which is sewn through the rice paper surface.

5_19 5_18 5_17