Monthly Archive: November, 2013

SYMBOLISM. Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart     Sculpture by Damien Hirst . The Sacred Heart is also known as the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus The Sacred Heart is a devotional name used by some Roman Catholics to… Continue reading

INSIDE.OUTSIDE. Anatomy admiration. Works by illustrator Dung Hoang

Illustrator. Dung Hoang Dung Hoang’s rich textural illustrations have graced the pages of numerous publications. Like many illustrators, he began drawing at an early age. But it wasn’t until a few years… Continue reading


Adriane Colburn is an artist based in San Francisco, CA, Athens, Georgia and Vermont Website: Morning Becomes Parasympathetic 2005 Paper and Ink 13’x20′ Artist statement This large paper cut out references the parasympathetic… Continue reading


I have just started on a clients design , which features angel wings. So, as part of my research into the symbolic meaning behind the imagery – I have created this blog. For… Continue reading

INSIDE.OUTSIDE. MED IN ART I am lucky enough to be featured on a fabulous website called ‘MEDinART’ (Dionne Marshall- Punctured Artefact) It features all kinds of creatives including artists, painters, designers, sculptors, musicians, illustrators, photographers, jewellers… Continue reading

INSIDE.OUTSIDE. Anatomy admiration. Camila Carlow

Camila Carlow  is a Guatemalan-born artist based in Bristol, England. She works in a range of mediums, from fine art painting and photography, and as a cinematographer for video production. She currently spends… Continue reading