SYMBOLISM. The platonic solids.

The platonic solids are found in ‘sacred geometry’

Platonic solids 1

Sacred Geometry is a term used to describe patterns, shapes and forms that are part of the make up of all living things.


The shapes regularly occur in nature and ancient cultures and peoples often built their monuments or sites of worship, with these shapes.

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A Platonic solid is a regular, convex polyhedron with congruent faces of regular polygons and the same number of faces meeting at each vertex.

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Earth, water, fire, air and aether are thought to describe and symbolize the five states of “matter”.

Earth = cube

Air = octahedron

Water = icosahedron

Fire = tetrahedron

Aether = dodecahedron

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Each phase encountered is used to initiate the next phase with each being subtler in character than the last.

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The five elements also connote the five senses.

Ashmolean_plato_solids images 2

The platonic solids are 3 dimensional polygons with a sequential relationship to one another called duals or congruency. Congruency occurs when one polygon with its unique shape, size and facets can be transformed into the next polygon by changing it’s placement by flipping or rotation.

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The platonic solids include the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron & icosahedron.



The first of the platonic solids is the tetrahedron having 4 triangular sides.

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The Tetrahedron represents the element of Fire and is linked to the Solar Plexus; the center for personal power and acceptance. It creates the natural balance between the physical and spiritual. Each side sits flat, no matter how it is turned, making it the perfect symbol for balance and stability. It is also linked to creating change

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The second platonic solid is the cube or hexahedron having 6 square sides.

images copy 2 hexahedrn

The Hexahedron is associated with the element of Earth and corresponds to the Root Chakra. The Hexahedron sits flat, firmly rooted to its spot, connecting with the earth and nature. It has a solid foundation and symbolises stability and grounding energy.

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The third of the platonic solids in the octahedron having 8 triangular sides.

It symbolises the element of air.

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It is linked to the Heart Chakra; the center for love, compassion & our spiritual nature. This chakra is where we access our healing and nurturing aspects. The shape of the Octahedron symbolizes reflection, compassion and healing. Resting on a point, it signifies the careful balance of multiple forces.




The fourth platonic solid is the Dodecahedron, having 12 pentagonal sides.

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The Dodecahedron is linked to the ethers or universe and works through the higher Chakras from the 6th Third Eye, 7th Crown, 8th Higher Crown and above.



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The Icosahedron is the fifth and final platonic solid , having 20 triangular sides.

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The Icosahedron is associated with the element of Water and corresponds to the Sacral Chakra. Water symbolises movement, flow, and change.  It allows for freedom of expression, creativity and ‘going with the flow’

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I use geometric shapes within my work, such as this piece which is tattooed onto leather with a tattoo machine

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I am also scribbling away at the moment on a custom tattoo design, for a client – which combines the 5 platonic solids with the Metatron’s cube (see my post

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