‘WEAR YOUR INK’ ENTOMOLOGY STYLE (Moth tattoo symbolism)

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Lucio Palmieri                                                                             Valentin Hirsch 

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Daniel Martindiaz                                                                                                                                              M X M

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Daniel Meyer


Kamil Czapga                                                                                                                                                   S V – A 

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Entomology is always featured in my work here  at www.puncturedartefact.com

Either as the main imagery on some of my smaller pieces.


Or hidden amongst my larger pieces.


I love any form of bug, beetle, bee (in drawing form at least!) …. Not so much spiders and alike!

I often feature moths, and love the symbolism they are said to reflect.

P1070577  P1060713

A nocturnal creature , it is considered the butterfly of the night

Sadly, whilst as  beautiful as the butterfly (in my opinion) it can also carry very negative associations such as destruction, death, vanity , stupidity, distress & craving light.

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Finding the ‘death head moth’ (above) can often be seen to be bad luck, but it is a really popular tattoo motif !

Like the butterfly, the moth symbolises the disembodied soul. Representing the souls of the dead coming back to earth and can often symbolise someone close in a tattoo

Its more positive associations are intuition, sensitivity, impulsiveness, determination, faith, attraction,psychic powers, transformation, . I guess it depends on your personal feelings & how you are drawn to this beautiful insect