COMMISSION YOUR INK. #Tattooed Leather Art. Lion and eagle

Commission Piece

I have just completed a really lovely project, which was commissioned from  James & Bec, in the UK.

They were kind enough to go to see an exhibition, I was in & decided that they liked my work but wanted to commission a piece which was personal to them

Bec is american and James is english so they picked up on that as a theme to their personal piece.

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Together, we created a piece around the american eagle & ‘british lion’

We chose roses to go into the work. The tudor rose (british national flower) & the grand prix rose (red) which was their wedding flower

The work is tattooed with one needle, and a regular tattoo machine & ink. Then tooled. The leather is natural veg tan leather, which has been dyed and oiled in layers

Here are some shots of the work in progress

P1080653 P1080656P1080658

and here is how the final piece looked ….. 

Lion eagle


P1080741 P1080756

P1080764P1080761 P1080766 P1080767 P1080756 P1080752