INSIDE OUTSIDE. Anatomy admiration. Artist Hideki Tokushige. Bone Flowers

Hideki Tokushige


This post features the works of Japanese artist Hideki Tokushige

& the series Honebana (Bone flower) which began in 2008


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Tokushige originally trained in photography & first began his project when he found a dead raccoon at the side of the road, took it home, removed the bones & created a bone flower

honebana_120821-06-2      honebana_120824-1-3_1500

His process is simple

• Take bones out

• Make flowers

• Leave images

• Break, Return to the earth

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Artist statement


Why I use bones? Some might think it weird.

Art activity of human being, such as painting and sculpturing, goes back around 70000 years ago.

Mankind and bones have been good friends for very long time, many products out of animal bones have been found from the stratum of those ages.

Human history is the history of manufacturing. For 70000 years mankind has been producing things.

Everything that consists our modern life including those clothes, nuclear power plants, and Internet have roots in those ancestor’s fingers which worked bones into tools.

Mankind also have laid flowers to the dead since ancient times.

Surrounding the bones of extinct Homo neanderthalensis, pollen of those days are found.

Bidding farewell to the dead, what they meant when they put a prayer with the flower?

We have consumed meat and used fur and leather from ancient time, but now we don’t see bones on the daily life anymore.

Still, someday we all go back to bones and back to soil.

In our world of lesser foresight, it is time to go back to the fundamental by re-thinking about the bones. And this may give us an opportunity to reconsider our unsteady passage.


Once photographed ,the bones are returned to the earth


The flowers created include, Camellia, Dandelion, Morning glory, Hydrangea, Cherry Blossom, Carnation, Azalea, Lily, Lycoris, Lotus


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