DEATH HEAD DEVOTION. Artist Jacob Dahlstrup.3d Paper #tattoo art

Jacob is based in Copenhagen


Jacob uses a tattoo machine like a pen on heavy water color paper and creates a three-dimensional line, after sketching his design with a pencil, he goes over the lines with a tattoo needle

4sc images-1 mermaid-praying-web

ALL IMAGES  are from “On A Sailor’s Grave”

Solo Exhibition @ Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark 2011

images-2 images Owl_papertattoo_jacob_dahlstrup_20111 vanita__papertattoo-65x50cm_jacob_dahlstrup_2011 wounds_man-web


Key to my practice is a process of calculated spontaneity and pre-planned coincidence through which I work primarily with a combination of drawing and installation. Through merging of material and context I explore the visual language of nautical folklore, which tells the story of faith, hope, love, and the struggle to get to the non-existing point in the horizon’