WEAR YOUR INK: In pure White

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I am not a tattoo artist but i admire that skill & artistry …… I love the white ink

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What the industry says;

When someone is tattooed, an artist uses a very sharp needle to push ink into the skin

After a period of healing, during which the tattoo may look puffy or distorted, a pattern is left behind. In the case of a white ink tattoo, the pattern shows up as slightly lighter than the skin

Many tattoo artists who do white ink tattoos say that ink works best on paler skin,

As they can fade or tiny yellow, it is recommended that they are placed onto areas of skin that is not frequently exposed to sunlight

For clients with darker skin, it is best to talk to a tattoo artist personally about your individual situation.

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Traditionally, a stencil of purple dye is applied to the skin before the tattooist begins inking. However, if this method is used, the artist risks mixing the white ink with the dark stencil ink, which gives the tattoo a permanent grey tint.


Another option is to use a bloodline, a process by which the tattooist uses a water-filled needle to draw blood in an outline of the design. This process is risky because the tattoo receiver’s blood may mix with the white ink, tainting the tattoo pink.

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Most artists admit that the safest way to do a white tattoo is freehand, without use of any type of stencil or guideline. The problem with this process lies in the colour of the ink—white ink is so light that it is difficult for artists to see where they are injecting the pigment.

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The ink used for white-ink tattoos heals white in some people and pale yellow in others. Sometimes, the ink even heals transparent and will not show at all. But in the worst of cases, the tattoo scars during the healing process and raises so that the final result looks embossed or brand-like.

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White ink tattoos tend to fade over time and need frequent touch-ups (every few years) to maintain visibility.

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I have experimented with using white ink on my leather work before, but I think i am have another go sometime soon…. !