World of ‘Punctured’ #STRUKK (exhibition of applied arts)

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I am taking part in a applied arts exhibition this week, with STRUKK  along with 20 other talented designer makers across multiple disciplines….



Warren  Warren @



ÆSC Fashion (and jewellery)

Pronounced esk, it is derived from the Saxon word for Spear, is a new clothing and accessories label based in Sheffield England. Established in spring 2013, ÆSC takes its inspiration from two main themes, firstly; three of the oldest symbols known to mankind, the heart, the cross and the anchor and secondly the constellations of the stars. Releasing their first two designs at Strukk 2013, the heart and Ursula major minor as well as their first jewellery pieces “let us prey”

Bear-Print-final-257x300 IMG-20130713-WA0000_1-181x300


India Rose Bird: printed textile designer

India’s work focuses on the beauty of laborious hand drawings and the timeless quality of traditional print methods. She takes inspiration from ancient African Masquerade to create a range of intriguing limited edition woodblock and intaglio prints, aiming to convey exciting narratives, fantastical characters and beautiful pattern-work.

india5-300x213 india-300x168



Joanna Allsop:printed textile designer


Primarily a fine Artist with a love for fashion, each print is created exclusively from exquisite watercolour paintings, drawing inspiration from the natural world. From each painting, patterns are created digitally, building depth with a contemporary twist. This careful and bespoke process produces individual and unusual designs that capture the life and intensity of nature, and ultimately uniting fashion together with fine art.

559881_413315988761440_1362418523_n-200x300 bird-1-300x300



Crow & Dunnage: Leather & accessories


Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern materials, they design and make products built to the highest standard and intended for a life of use

Brown-2-300x200 Orange-Back-Side-300x200



Punctured Artefact: leather art & artefacts


Wear your ink on your wall or your skin. Creator of handmade tattooed, tooled and stitched  leather art, jewellery & accessories. Each design is intricately detailed and hand drawn with a tattoo machine. Inked in flowing lines, creating interconnecting patterns of sliced, shattered and broken organic and geometric motifsWhich are further enhanced by traditional, decorative leather techniques.





Anna Wheelhouse: Glass

Anna is influenced and inspired by urban architecture in all her artwork. Buildings, the geometry of buildings and the environment in which they stand fascinate her

3-283x300 6-219x300


Brittany Delany: ceramics


four-vessels-300x176  Large-Vessel-3.3-300x300

Brittany creates functional porcelain tableware, jewellery & decorations by slip-casting and slab-building. Originally taking inspiration from taxidermy, the work is delicately stitched together using a variety of metals




Sue Newell: Ceramics

My work reflects the importance of our aesthetic appreciation of objects surrounding us in our busy day–to-day lives and often incorporates found objects and elements from nature

Series-of-5-in-setting-Sue-Newell-189x300 Series-of-5-porcelain-Pinch-Vases-by-Sue-Newell-300x200




Rebecca Eastwood

Rebecca encounters a design and recreates it into a domestic environment with multiple purposes. Rebecca dose not over indulge in theory or try to explain the whys and wherefores of certain choices too much. The work is what it is. It is there to be looked at and wondered at, but most of all the enjoyment and pleasure that the simple, extravagant excess of texture, pattern, skill, design and interaction defines so much of Rebecca’s work.

Tuesday6553-300x212 IMG_5333-300x210


Alistar How: Illustrator & graphic designer

A keen photographer and observer of life, Alistair’s work is influenced by landscapes and physical forms. Always reminiscent of the starting point, although perhaps not initially, his drawings and paintings allow you to explore the whole piece, rather than a single focus, your eye works over and finds quirky and intimate details

wrapped2-216x300 wrapped3-216x300



Harriet Naylor: photography

Harriet has established a body of work that is itself a changing entity evolving over time; mimicking the transformation the beach goes through every day, hovering between a delicate beauty and inevitable mortality

Strukk1-300x157 Strukk2-300x161


Eve Hopkinson: photographer

Eve is fine art photographer whose practice is concerned with culture, human behavior, environments and personal space

DSC_6680-final-199x300 4-199x300


Libby Neale : illustrator

Often working in printmaking and collage, a strong use of line is a very important aspect to my illustrations. Libby take inspiration from still life, everyday objects and animals, and has a passion for hand drawn typography and letterforms

tumblr_lmoftoRMa51qbgro6-200x300 tumblr_lmofu596Rx1qbgro6-200x300




Sarah Hooker : Designer Silversmith

Taking inspiration from animal habitats, her work is organic and curvaceous,using ancient metal techniques such as raising, to transform solid flat sheet into a contemporary vessel

sarahhooker002-200x300 Sarah-Hooker-Salt-and-Pepper-pot-HIGHres-300dpi--300x212



Sophie  Alice Hirsch 


black-earring-edit-again2-300x199 black-collection-300x199

Sophie takes the macabre, subversive or distasteful as her inspirationFrom this, she develops desirable objects that show an edgy, modern and refined design process – which experiment with a range of materials, not always expected in jewellery




Plaiting-Bangle-Beaded-199x300 Striped-Letter-Bracelet-205x300

Jewellery created by combining fabric & metal using textile techniques such as  macrame, plaiting, knotting & weaving


Sarah Pasley


IMG_0255-229x300 IMG_0246-200x300



Florence Carter

01-300x200 02-300x200

Florence’s inspiration for her current work came from relationships, connections, balance and line. In this collection circles were also very important to her, acting as a visual representation of a complete



Chris Boland

Chris draws inspiration for surface treatment from architectural metalwork and sculpture.By design, the stone is offered up to the viewer, always in a pleasing and unusual way and the rings look as good off the hand as on

04-Citrine-26sept12-Small-300x200 03-Citrine-27Nov12-Small-300x200