Monthly Archive: July, 2013

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION. Artist Jacob Dahlstrup.3d Paper #tattoo art

Jacob is based in Copenhagen Jacob uses a tattoo machine like a pen on heavy water color paper and creates a three-dimensional line, after sketching his design with a pencil, he goes over the lines… Continue reading


Hermès is a French manufacturer of quality goods established in 1837, today specializing in leather, lifestyle accessories, perfumery, luxury goods, and ready-to-wear Its logo, since the 1950s, is of a Duc carriage with… Continue reading

WEAR YOUR INK: In pure White

  I am not a tattoo artist but i admire that skill & artistry …… I love the white ink What the industry says; When someone is tattooed, an artist uses a very… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE. Anatomy admiration. Artist Micheal Reedy   Artist statement; BROWN AND BLUE WORKS In the brown and blue works I began to explore visual complexity and ornamentation in conjunction with my prior interests; which have long been rooted… Continue reading

World of ‘Punctured’ #STRUKK (exhibition of applied arts)

I am taking part in a applied arts exhibition this week, with STRUKK  along with 20 other talented designer makers across multiple disciplines…. CONTACT THE CURATORS : Will> Warren  Warren @ ……………… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE.#Anatomy admiration. Artist Kathleen Sawyer

Grahamstown, South Africa based printmaker and draftsman Kathleen Sawyer has a keen love of things that involve anatomy, mutation and/or horrible disease often rendering them with only a ballpoint pen. She’s created several… Continue reading

HANG YOUR INK. Little leather veneers.

Little leather veneers  I have been working on some small inky pieces which feature ‘tiny tattoo’ motifs inked onto 12 x17 cm veg tan leather panels. Each piece is handmade and unique. No… Continue reading

World of punctured

Inky Art advert for the 227 issue of ‘Skin Deep’ magazine,  out Julty 23rd ( I think!)

INSIDE OUTSIDE. Anatomy admiration.Artist Frederick Sommer, collage

Frederick Sommer (September 7, 1905 – January 23, 1999), was an artist born in Angri, Italy and raised in Brazil Considered a master photographer, Sommer first experimented with photography in 1931 after being… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE.Anatomy admiration.Isabella Dalle

Isabelle Dalle

LEATHER LOVE! jewellery by Sonja Bischur

   Black and white necklaces and pendants made of delicate nappa leather, which remind of fine art objects made of paper. They are symmetrical, geometrical and sculptural

WEAR YOUR INK: Tiny #tattoo trends

Micro tattoo trend

INSIDE OUTSITE. #Anatomy admiration.Lisa Nillson.Tissue series.

Tissue Series Anatomical Cross-Sections in Paper   The artist creates pieces from Japanese mulberry paper and the gilded edges of old books. They are constructed by a technique of rolling and shaping narrow… Continue reading

INSIDE.OUTSIDE. Anatomy admiration. Artist Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Alexander Korzer -Robinson  Alexander’s book sculptures are made by working through a book, page by page, cutting around some of the illustrations while removing others. The images seen in the finished work, are… Continue reading

HANG YOUR INK.Dark heart.Tattooed leather Art.Design and inking stages

Here is a piece I worked on recently for an exhibition Its about A3 in size, its called Dark Heart Its got quite alot going on, so I thought I would break it… Continue reading