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As a geometric tool, it has no equal, if you put a cross inside a circle, then you are able to divide the circle equally

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The shape of a true Latin cross, when folded, creates a cube, an ancient symbol of earthly authority.

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The most well known cross is the Latin cross, which to Christians, represents the cross of Christ’s crucifixion

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The cross of Christianity was a later symbol of the faith, replacing the lamb, fish, alpha/omega, and phoenix as emblems. It was previously considered a pagan symbol, with several early church fathers objecting to its use.

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The vertical part of the cross can represent the number 1 or man (the only animal to stand upright) It can also represent man striving towards the spirit

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The horizontal line represents matter. The movement of time, back & foreword. It symbolizes the skyline or horizon and mans place on the earth

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The joining of the 2 lines together was first recorded in Crete in the 15th century, but it is much older than that

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The cross symbolizes the union of the material and spiritual

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The 4 cardinal points are said to represent the elements

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The cross depicts a crossroads, 2 paths and 4 routes