INSIDE OUTSIDE.The science and #anatomy inspired art of Daniel Martin Diaz.Love it!

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The Art of Daniel Martin Diaz

Here are some amazing and beautiful drawings in  Silver Point, Graphite, India Ink, Wax, Charcoal on Wood Pulp Paper and Antique Paper. Love the technique and know very little about it. I need to go find out! Love the subtle silver tones against the aged paper. I have used metallic inks in my leather work before… maybe i will have another go!

Artist statement: 

“I continue to be amazed and inspired by many artists both past and present, who have been successful in capturing the complexities of the human spirit. We run from those things that we cannot explain. These are the things that we must attempt to explain through art. All the beauty and tragedy that is life. The world between imagination and completion is an infinite one. It is a solitary journey, yet the many paths are full of wanderers who are also searching and eager to share their findings”

He is inspired by old masters such as Jan van Eyck, Albrecht Dürer, Pieter Bruegel, and Hieronymus Bosch

For images of his paintings using Walnut Oil, Egg Tempera, Pine Resins, and Frankincense Painted on Wood Panels go to:

Sacred Machine is a museum for the creations of world-renowned artist Daniel Martin Diaz, and wife, Paula Catherine Valencia