CUSTOM YOUR INK. bespoke #tattoo design.Heart with moth

I have been doing a bit of custom tattoo design recently… Its great to create designs with people. Bouncing off ideas and tweaking ideas. You can sometimes do something that you wouldn’t normally do (as it is less restrictive than tattooing onto leather) or look at things in a different way, when collaborating. Ultimately, I will always ensure it has my style stamp on it and not produce work which doesn’t fit with what I am trying to do. Depending on the client, it can be quite straightforward or require lots of stages and tweaks. I am highlighting a large chest piece i completed recently.. there was an open brief , we chose the motifs together. Each motifs is to represent something personal

Here’s the design in its stages …. to the finished piece

DIP- Blog_Page_01

DIP- Blog_Page_02

DIP- Blog_Page_03

DIP- Blog_Page_04

DIP- Blog_Page_05

DIP- Blog_Page_06

DIP- Blog_Page_07

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