DESIGN ON THE GO: Sketch of ‘dark heart’ #tattooed leather art


I am now working on an A3 collage piece…. working title,  ‘Dark Heart’ 

This piece contains motifs such as, sweet peas (my favourite!) Skull (of course!) and daggers, heart/roses & moth, bees and bugs, ravens, all seeing eye with 4 elements, swallows with scissors and ribbon, clouds & geometric patterns

I am going to see what adding a layers of leather to build up a collage looks like

The all seeing eye section is going to be a separate piece (and possibly some of the bugs and bees)


I plan to have ‘dark heart’ cut out, so that it has shaped edges, so its a bit different to the framed styles below…


I may do a ‘lacunose’ background for it to sit against , in natural tones

I think this one is going to take some time!

Maybe this would work as a print…. ?

Ok, better get going on this one then!

I will post some finished piccies when complete