HANG YOUR INK: Raven and poppies. #tattooedleather #tattoo

Hang your new INK on your wall …


Art being prepared …. and starting to ink






Final art close up. Tattooed with 1 needle onto veg tan leather


Framed & ready to go

www.puncturedartefact.com for more inky art

So, thats the ones I have prepped done … so I need a few more design days in the schedule, I think!

I would really like to do a whole half shoulder , I have sketched out a few ideas based on the working title of ‘dark heart’ …. it a larger scale piece which fits within the same collection … combining ‘biodiversity’  motifs;  moths, dissected florals, bugs & creepers… oh and the odd death head and anatomical motif, of course!

See the rest of the collection..  in my album on facebook