WEAR YOUR INK: Triangulated

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The TRIANGLE shares the symbolic significance of the number 3

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It therefore represents, many things that come in groups of 3

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From the holy trinity,  to the triple aspect of the goddess

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In ancient times, the triangle was considered synonymous with light

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The meaning of the triangle may vary according to which way up it is

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When it sits on its base, it is considered to be masculine & virile (representing fire)

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If on its point, it becomes a feminine symbol (water element) A chalice, emblem of female powers. It may also represent ‘Yoni’ Sanskrit word for vagina.

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The symbol is popular with modern tattoo styles. A geometric tattoo, if often not regretted as much as another style!

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I love the simple elegance of the triangle outline, or black fill. Tiny or oversized (if the line-work is steady!)

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As a symbol of strength, the triangle reinforces the corners of the square

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It is often used with other motifs in modern tattoo designs

I love using triangles in my tattooed leather designs,  heres one which combines stylised ‘roses & triangles’

roses Illust