LEATHER LOVE! Luxury Leather Accessories Designer-Una Burke

Úna Burke is a luxury leather accessories designer who uses traditional leather-working methods and vegetable tanned hides

2013 current collection:

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Artist statement:

“Through my work I continually aim to create leather objects which are both visually captivating and technically challenging. They are pieces of wearable art which are indefinable as particular garments, preventing them from being placed into the conventional categories of the fashion industry. They are free to exist just as the objects that they are, interpreted independently by each individual. I use traditional leatherworking techniques to produce these evocative, conceptual creations. In doing this I hope to encourage a new and more modern appreciation for leather craftsmanship and present the possibilities achievable through the use of this material in both the areas of art and of functional design”

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Una is based in London, United Kingdom. She studied at London College Of Fashion and graduated in 2009. Her collections are produced in United Kingdom. See more @ http://www.unaburke.com

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I love her stuff, a lot of my textile work focused on creating sculptural fabrics through intersections of hand-cut leather. I will post some pics of it soon, I hope to combine the cutwork techniques and surface decoration through tattooing, in the next pieces I do…