DESIGN ON THE GO: Skeleton tattooed leather designs.


I have a few designs I am inking this week. Short week, due to the bank holiday, so feeling a little behind! (argh)

Have just cut and wet the leather, ready to trace the design by hand onto the surface. I still haven’t decided on which option I am doing for the raven & poppies! I think I will do option 2 which shows the ravens with some detail on them, rather than the plainer tooled one

These designs came about from a custom tattoo request, which used a skeleton. I expanded on the design and added a bit more detail. Its the first time i have used a full skeleton, and they are quite small and detailed… so hoping for no inky mistakes on these!

The RAVEN design, features motifs such as : skeleton, poppies, geometric heart shape, geometric insect wings, timer


The SKELETON ‘movement’ design, depicts motifs such as a spiral of triangles, peony flowers and leaves & a dancing skeleton

movement  Heres what i have done so far, needs alot more work P1070893

I will pop the finished piccies onto the blog soon 🙂 Or see them at