DESIGN ON THE GO: Dissected flower Ace :Tattooed Leather


Whilst i am waiting for ‘bone city’ to dry…. This is the next few days objective! I wondered whether to to this one as A2/3… due to the complex patterns within the floral elements but have decided to stick to doing it the same size as the others in the ‘biodiversity’ theme…… I guess i will soon see if its too small! The motifs on this one started with the stylised  skull… i then looked at framing it within a flower shape … leading onto a dissected flower and stem,  which followed the shape of an ace (spades) –  up to a couple of bees. There are birds at the bottom,  in geometric form …. you tend to have to look at my stuff for a while to see the images and motifs… oh and water if the element in this one! Here you can see a partial line sketch… i have my next 2 on the board waiting for me to do them ! Never enough time!