Exploring the Black line…. 

Today’s challenge is to get as much as I can done on this piece, my working title … LUNGS

Ok , so the design is symmetrical (as ever!)

My design focus?…  Creating PATTERN… within each motif & also within the INTERSECTIONS of the lines …. (so that each motif flows into the other,  to create an overall pattern)

Nothing more to it than picking motifs that I like  …. starting with the geometric death heads I wanted to lead onto lungs…and … a ribcage …. stylised (of course) to create interesting patterns … I then just ‘go with the flow’  and see where the black lines take me… so, part planned /part, make it up as a go along and see what shapes appear

Alot of my recent stuff has been inspired by the  anatomy & biology of the human  body (this time the lungs) and the anatomy of dissected plants …. I love old anatomy drawings and biodiversity illustration plates… (although I am not skilled enough to draw it all anatomically correct!) … you can see some of my collection of images to get me thinking… on pinterest..  (where i spend far too much time) …

Drawn with a geometric twist ….

Anyway,  here it is as it stands… hoping my issues of the ink spraying and the needle sticking, dragging and bouncing sorts itself out soon… otherwise i am going to end up messing this one up & starting over! The needle flows so much easier through skin.. !

I will pop a few more images on , as I go…

img461 lungs