Back to the LEATHER LOVE this week…  after a bit of a break from working on leather (after a ‘inkspiration’ break to look at scribbling down some designs, drawings & research.. oh! and a touch of tennis elbow (ouch!)) I am back ON IT(!) this week, I have ooh 8 or so pieces of leather …all cut and prepared and ready for me to tattoo (i think doing 8 is a tad optimistic though! Seeing as each one takes countless hours!)…. Lets hope that the machines don’t spray ink all over the place and ruin the leather… as has been known to happen! (Argh) So far so good,  the fine outline is done, just got to add some depth and detail now… what could go wrong? … The working title is ‘Skull headress’ –  eventually… it will go into a one off reclaimed wood frame,  which we made at the weekend  (when not drinking gin & sitting in the sunshine) … it sits into the ‘rectangle series’  which features a collection of images which interlock to form an overall pattern… go to, to see a few final results.. I will update this post with a few ‘work in progress’ shots, so you can see how it begins to develop. Laters x