INKY DESIGN ON THE GO: Ravens and poppies


Sketching out a basic line plan of my next project… scribbled onto A4 paper!

Design decision needed (!)…. Do I add feather detail on the ravens or leave clean, so that I can emboss or create a contrast to all the fine detail or will it just look like i missed a bit! …. mmm … maybe I  just start to ink and decide as I go along (thats the usual plan!)

Taking time out from the leather-work this week to create some new designs to go with my ‘rectangle’ series.. I have about 5 or so designs to go with these at the moment, just need to mull over whether I want to ink them all or develop at another stage! … might go a bit bigger this time… decisions decisions….

P1070449 CRP1070431 P1070439 P1070421 CRP1070414