Monthly Archive: May, 2013

HANG YOUR INK:10 techniques used #Skeleton dance #tattooed leather art

Just finished the latest piece , working title of Skeleton dance. Here’s the finished item, waiting for the frame & a look at the techniques used to create it Stage 1. Design outline.… Continue reading

SYMBOLISM: ‘All seeing eye’

All Seeing Eye   A single eye surrounded by rays of light within an unfinished pyramid. Known as ‘eye of providence’  it is said to represent god watching over mankind. The triangle symbol… Continue reading

PUNCTURED WORLD: New look gallery now online

                          World of punctured! The website gallery is now updated with all the new inky art I have been working on… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: #skulls. The Albion by Bradley Jay – illustrator

Bradley Jay is a 24 year old freelance illustrator based in the UK predominantly working with detailed ink drawing, collage and digital arts Bradley’s work includes themes from religion, alchemy, astrology, botany… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE. ANATOMY admiration. Porcelain sculpture by Kate Macdowell

Luminous Porcelain sculpture by Kate Macdowell ARTIST STATEMENT “I hand sculpt each piece out of porcelain, often building a solid form and then hollowing it out.  Smaller forms are built petal by… Continue reading

BIODIVERSITY COLLECTION:Bone City.Tattooed Leather Art featuring sacred geometry and London Skyline

LEATHER LOVE! Luxury Leather Accessories Designer-Una Burke

Úna Burke is a luxury leather accessories designer who uses traditional leather-working methods and vegetable tanned hides 2013 current collection: Artist statement: “Through my work I continually aim to create leather objects which… Continue reading

DESIGN ON THE GO: Skeleton tattooed leather designs.

I have a few designs I am inking this week. Short week, due to the bank holiday, so feeling a little behind! (argh) Have just cut and wet the leather, ready to trace… Continue reading

WEAR YOUR INK: In two halves.

  WEAR YOUR INK…. in 2 halves. WEAR YOUR INK ….. joined. Sorry hate to not credit artists, but I dont know who did alot of the work here. Although the ‘photoshop’ style… Continue reading

DESIGN ON THE GO: Dissected flower Ace :Tattooed Leather

Whilst i am waiting for ‘bone city’ to dry…. This is the next few days objective! I wondered whether to to this one as A2/3… due to the complex patterns within the floral… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE: #Anatomical admiration! Art by Ivan Ebel

IVAN EBEL is a Swiss visual artist and also founder of the collective Doux Jésus. In 2009, painted a series of ‘anatomical’ inspired paintings which depict representations of the physical body with the… Continue reading

INKY DESIGN ON THE GO: Sketch out of ‘Bone city’ #skull

Sketching out the next one I need to put onto leather this week… The line-work is just a rough sketch out at the moment… thought I would add in a bit of symbology,… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: Joe Murtagh. Colourful digital art and illustration

DIGITAL ART & ILLUSTRATION by Joe Murtagh DEATH CHIC   “I do love colour, and the effect it has on certain subject matter. I use strong colour to sugar coat certain themes. To… Continue reading


STAKA STAKA is a collaboration between Icelandic product designers María Kristín Jónsdóttir and Bylgja Svansdóttir Their collection is comprised of unisex leather neck accessories, in natural veg tan leather. Including a range of nude-… Continue reading

SYMBOLISM: The 4 ELEMENTS. Earth,water,air,fire

The 4 elements refer to ancient beliefs inspired by natural observation of the phases of matter; with the classical elements: earth is equivalent to solid, water is equivalent to liquid, air is equivalent… Continue reading

WEAR YOUR INK: Like Black Tape. style it.wear it. build it. ink it. tattoo it

   Black tape/ style it / build it/ wear it / ink it Christopher Kane S.S 2013 / Chanel Esther Stocker / / Monika Grzymala   Monika Grzymala / Doug Meyer

DESIGN ON THE GO: Punctured World website update

Well, after much ‘ putting it off’…. The website has be ‘organised’ a little… so that (hopefully) its easier to understand what we do here at P.A HQ….. I have also added a… Continue reading


Orchid Skull Time to ink up this design…. Outline – done! , rough work up of line-work – done! , outline onto leather – done! This one, is to go with ‘Biodiversity’ series… Continue reading

DEATH HEAD DEVOTION: Digital collages

I really like all the DIGITAL COLLAGES  that seem to be around at the moment …. love the mix of organic and geometric The one above is by Yana Racyborynska, sorry (!) I’m… Continue reading

INSIDE OUTSIDE: Anatomy Admiration

JUST A HUMAN Ink pen, watercolor, photo Just Amazing…!! ILLUSTRATED By Swedish designer Alex Coroll Just a human series are inspired by investigation of different identities within our identity system See more on… Continue reading