LEATHER LOVE: Mark Evans, Leather Artist and etcher

I have huge admiration and love for the works of Welsh leather artist & etcher, MARK EVANS…

Evans was born in North Wales in 1975 and grew up surrounded by nature on his family’s farm. However, what seemed like the constant death of family members around him resulted in Evans adopting a carpe diem attitude towards life, eventually leading him to move to London to study Fine Art. It wasn’t until after leaving art school that Evans discovered the potential of carving into leather. He had mistakenly stained his leather jacket and thinking it irreparable, decided to try and scratch away the stain with a knife. For the next ten years Evans perfected his technique of leather etching, taking commissions along the way until he was ready to begin his first series, Death of the Dollar.

He says…

“I’m searching, aiming for something from below the surface. I guess I’m reaching for something magnificent. I’m trying to get under the skin.”

f104404b15184f88efa993104404690d21120531170146021119 - Evans, The Benjamin Skull, Hand etched by knife on leather, 167cm x 167cm, 201121120531170146021002 - Evans, Death Asphyxiated, 190cm x 130cm, Hand etched by knife on leather, 2010 - Copy2dfb00fb430c2304f37c3471448e3084

“All leather has been processed. In the tannery, the dead animal skin is made pretty. All traces of blood and gore are removed. We then forget that leather was once alive. The stench of death becomes distant. We cover over what we do not wish to see.


“I cut through the waxy, polished surface of the hide to reveal what’s really going on beneath the façade,”

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