British Craft Trade fair: Punctured Artefact ‘on tour’

My 1st exhibition at the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate 6-9 April

I framed all my leather pieces in distressed reclaimed wooden frames, hung using veg tan leather straps

The furniture is ‘vintage industrial’ inspired, with a rusted and distressed finish

The walls were dressed with unbleached calico

I especially love my skull display head from Proportion London,  which is  now sitting in my lounge!

All in all, it was a good experience (learnt alot for next time!) and I met some lovely people

I had some great feedback on my work … as something unique and different (which, to me is a compliment!)

The show felt a little quiet and would have been better condensed into 2 days but I do have some leads in galleries and interior shops to follow up this week

I also have to put together my web shop, showing all the new pieces i did for the show!

P1070108 P1070119 P1070115 P1070154