Monthly Archive: March, 2013

DESIGN ON THE GO.Broken Sacred Heart

Lots to try to get done today, as a deadline looms for a show i am doing @ the BCTF. Starting off with dying and tooling the ink i did yesterday. on this… Continue reading

Tattooed Leather: Today’s design on the go…

Tattooed Leather: Design on the go; Bugs & Creepers biodiversity. Mid way through inking

Tattoo design in progress, moths

Todays design being tattooed on leather is 2 moths and a diamond.


To flow from the last post, which was the circle …. to the moon I love the really geometric versions (rather than the new age or ornate!) The Moon is sometimes viewed as… Continue reading

SYMBOLISM: The circle

Why I love the circle … One of the hardest things ( I find ) to ink onto my leather is a circle. As I don’t do it with a transfer onto the… Continue reading